Learn how Vanilla’s community self-service platform can put the power of answers right where your users need help!

As a leading consultant on the Microsoft cloud and system platform, Cireson is recognized for its high-quality expertise and providing clients with the resources they need to achieve development success. Cireson places a high priority on listening to their customers and customer service. However, they were being bombarded by the number of technical FAQ’s that they needed a way to deflect support tickets while increasing user satisfaction.  

Although ticket deflection was an important part of adopting Vanilla Forums, even more important to Cireson was to improve the discoverability of their support content and respond to their users’ requests in a timely manner.

Cireson was particularly interested in leveraging Vanilla’s community platform to present their users with support content in context and keep content updated and relevant in real-time.

In this Vanilla Forums case study, you will learn:

  • How enabling Vanilla’s community platform not only deflected Cireson’s support tickets by 90%, but also helps increase the number of users getting help without putting extra burden on support staff.
  • By using the community platform, Cireson realized an unexpected benefit in how customers engage with product development team, through engaging, sharing and voting on new ideas.
  • How Cireson’s crowdsourced responses have increased customer satisfaction and met their core values of listening to the customer.
  • Bonus vendor evaluation from analyst firm Demand Metric.


Find out how Vanilla Forums can deflect customer support tickets and improve the discoverability of your support content through the Vanilla community platform.

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