King is a leading mobile game developer, with over 200 titles that are played worldwide. With over 268 million active users a month, some of their most popular games include Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch. Founded in 2003, King works to build its games with a unique and passionate company culture. In 2016, King was acquired by Activision Blizzard Inc. and operates as an independent company.

“On average, the number of posts have increased by about 145% since we moved to Vanilla. It’s absolutely fantastic!”

The Challenges – Serious Buff Needed

In 2018, King knew that their community was in need of a serious buff. It was first launched in 2014 as a custom-built support-based community, but by 2018, King was ready for an upgrade; their community just wasn’t cutting it. As the Associate Director of Player Community, Graham Henderson explains, “it just wasn’t good enough.”

Staying true to the King philosophy, try, test and learn from your experiences, King had no regrets about their first four years of community. ‘Experience’ had been the key take-away, and now their direction was so candy crushin’ clear that even Tiffi couldn’t help but turn her frown upside down!

With their heads held high, King was ready to turn the page and begin a new chapter, starting with finding a forever home for their community.

The pain points that King had

One of the biggest issues that King faced with their previous community was engagement. “We were looking for a way to take our members from simply posting once and leaving, to actually engaging with the content on a long term basis,” explains Graham.

Since their previous community was support focused (the only prompt to action was “ask a question”) and didn’t have the mechanisms needed to encourage retention, King wasn’t able to achieve the thriving and vibrant community they were looking for.

“So,” Graham explains, “it wasn’t engaging, the retention was incredibly poor and it was incredibly difficult to know what was going on from an analytical standpoint as well.” He continues, “if you add up all these issues, it’s a lot. We needed an entire overhaul: a full platform change, a strategic change and an operational change.”

And so, with their experience belt strapped on tight, King began the search for a new community provider that could make their vision a reality and deliver a community experience as sweet as their games!

The Search – Finding an OP Provider in Vanilla

Based on their experience, King knew what they wanted. Now came the challenging part that all Kings embrace wholeheartedly: searching for it and actually finding it. Challenge accepted.

Ultimately, their grit was quickly rewarded and they’d narrowed down their choices to two options: Vanilla and, for the sake of anonymity, we’ll call them “Option 2.”

Now, King values quality. They value putting the ‘player’ first and delivering an experience worth experiencing. When it comes to the companies that King choses to work with, the mentality is no different. They look for companies who put quality at the heart of what they do and deliver an experience.

That’s why, in the end, King chose Vanilla.

The items that King was looking for in a provider: gamification, ideation, analytics, non-support aspects

King’s final choice to crown Vanilla as the victor, however, went beyond a quality assessment. The gamechangers were immediately apparent once King sat down to chat with us.

As Graham says, “I think [the final decision to go with Vanilla] was based on two things. We were looking for a company that had a personality that matched ours. One that valued creativity, innovation and had our build things yourself attitude.”

The second factor was the people factor; King wanted to work with like minded and friendly individuals who knew their stuff. “The Vanilla staff was incredibly knowledgeable on a technical standpoint,” Graham says, “that was the biggest difference [between the two options] that I noticed straight away.”

Wishlist items that swayed King to choose Vanilla

King knew that Vanilla was the right choice, and they couldn’t have been more confident in their final decision.

The Migration – A Clutch Performance

Migrations are usually a stressful time for organizations, but King was certainly one of the few that embraced this challenge without even a second thought; they were so close to getting the community they’d always dreamed of, they could taste it!

King had the utmost confidence in their choice to make the Vanilla switch, and this confidence was equally matched by Vanilla’s migration team.

As expected, the migration was both easy and smooth, and Vanilla proved that King’s confidence was justified. As Graham puts it, “the migration went incredibly well and it was managed very well by the Vanilla team.”

King was especially impressed with the oversight and project management shown by Vanilla when handing the migration. “We were speaking multiple times a week, there was a project plan in place, there were timelines in place, and we felt good asking questions and getting answers.”

It was a clutch performance to say the least.

The Outcomes – GG

King knew that they were going to be seeing much better results from the moment they signed with Vanilla, however they didn’t expect to see them so quickly!

145% increase in community posts
10% increase in organic page traffic
100% increase in superuser contributions

King saw an increase in member engagement immediately, which was one of their primary goals. As Graham notes, “people are posting more, people are consuming more pages, new users are more likely to post – all our numbers have gone up!”

We expected an uplift in user contribution, but we didn’t expect to see results that were more than double the previous amount, which is so amazing!

Further, the relaunch of King’s superuser program under Vanilla was a huge success. King was able to harness the Vanilla gamification features and customize their entire community, including the leaderboard, badges, profile avatars, and reaction options (Insightful, Sweet!, Hehe) to reflect the vision they’d wanted since day one.

With such a fun brand and personality, King transformed their community to something that fans instantly fell in love with. As Graham says, “Vanilla has helped us to easily bring out the King personality in our community, which was so difficult to do before.”

The increase in engagement has also led to a decrease in support ticket volume. Kings new peer-to-peer community enables crowd-based support, and members are more than happy to ask and answer questions. Think of the badges and points you could earn!

At the end of the day, King had a whole bunch of amazing ideas, and Vanilla helped them make these ideas a reality.