Avant is an online personal loan lender that offers personal loans and lines of credit. Founded in 2012 by Al Goldstein and John Sun, Avant is a rapidly growing startup offering online personal loans that has recently expanded into the UK marketplace.

“Vanilla reduced call escalation and thousands of support tickets to our ops team.” 

– Loren Andersen, Director of Training & QA at Avant


What challenge did Avant face?

Avant used Vanilla from launch, but Loren Andersen (Director of Training and QA) identified a further need that Vanilla could fulfil. “The problem was we had a small but growing operation center, that was using shared Google Docs for FAQ’s and scripted responses. What would happen is there were different versions floating around the office, and people were formatting things as they wanted. There was a lack of consistency across the board. We need to make sure the messaging was unified, yet something management could control.”

Another benefit of using Vanilla was the fact questions could be asked and policies could be updated quickly. “We are a startup , so we needed something dynamic. We needed something we could change as needed. With Vanilla, as a singular source for policies and procedures, it’s easy to announce changes. Everyone has access internally at the company and all questions and comments are consolidated in one place. If there is need to update something, the original discussion can be updated with the latest information. This is also important from a regulatory perspective as there is an easy way to track any changes we make”.

How has Vanilla helped Avant reinvigorate their online community?

The use of Vanilla Forums for Avant has improved their customer experience. As Loren noted “Vanilla reduced call escalation and thousands of support tickets to our ops team, as well as the need for the customer to call us back. It’s helped increase our first call resolution because all the info is at the specialist’s fingertips. It’s made our specialists more self-sufficient than they would have been otherwise. It probably also had a positive impact on our NPS score, as well as reviews of our service, because our team is so well prepared. The forum is a big part of this success”

Find out more about Avant Credit at https://www.avant.com