Online community forum solution provider deploys RASP to all hosted customers, providing them quick and accurate protection from suspicious traffic.

Montreal, Qc. – May 16th, 2017 – Vanilla Forums, a leading provider of cloud-based community software, today announced the implementation of Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). For brands turning to the cloud, this is the most advanced way to provide security assessment and protection capabilities automatically, without any changes required to the way software is developed, tested, or deployed.

“In short, RASP integrates security controls into our application’s runtime code instead of in a web application firewall (WAF) that sits in front of the application,” explained Tim Gunter, VP Operations at Vanilla Forums. “Because the security measures are incorporated into the application, they do not need to rely on general heuristics to detect and mitigate threats. Instead, RASP uses machine learning to understand of how the application should handle requests, taking action automatically when requests would result in unexpected behaviour.”

How does this impact Vanilla’s hosted customers?

When conditions are met, RASP can intercept a suspicious request and apply a number of protection measures. RASP’s protection measures include the following:

  • User verification via CAPTCHA
  • User session termination
  • An alert sent to Vanilla’s security team

RASP functions as an in-application firewall, identifying traffic being processed within the application instead of on the perimeter. RASP provides a detailed view of the activity within our platform, given insight into our application logic, configuration and data flows with high accuracy.

In the future, for more security-minded enterprise customers, Vanilla will be offering an enhanced RASP security package that includes a real-time threat dashboard at certain subscription levels. All hosted customers already have a basic level of RASP in place.

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